Whatever type of model enthusiast you may be, be assured there will be something here that will interest you.

During the past twenty years social media has offered some very nice sites for all manner of hobbies and interests but very few, if any offer free posting with the support of a dedicated retail background.  With this in mind we have decided to


integrate our original facilities with Modellers UK and Trade Price to provide a unique platform for buying and selling Second Hand and Third Party items.

By utilising this unique online facility you will be able to exchange your own used and unwanted items into hard cash.

The website is open to all registered contacts and unlike some of the other major selling sites there aren't any fees or commissions to pay on completion or submission.  The features on this site are incredibly simple, to place your advertisement all you need to do is think of a suitable title for your item, create a short description and enter a price. What could be simpler?  All other required information is provided for you in the form of multiple choice drop down boxes.  It doesn't matter what you’re selling as long as its hobby orientated.

The website caters strictly for those who have a desire to Buy, Sell, Swap or Give Away their unwanted or orphaned models and related equipment, and there’s even a section for trade stock overflow, so there's something for everyone.  We have specifically defined that chatting and long winded discussion is not permitted on site and is something that can be done directly between the buyer and the seller, should it be necessary.  This has been accepted widely by all our registered members.

Before you decide to register click on the 'Start Adverting' button below and just take a few minute to peruse the advertising venue and get a good feel for what is available to you.



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